My story….

Hello readers,

I first grew to love gardening at the age of 9 or 10 years, when my parents gave me a small plot in our garden to cultivate. I grew carnations, which are known as “the poor man’s flowers”. I love flowers as much for their feel and texture as for their colour and smell, and have come to learn that poor people are wealthy in areas we cannot see, so for me carnations have a metaphoric quality; I haven’t been able to grow carnations in any of the 8 gardens I have worked on since, perhaps because that plot was on London soil, and I have been living in every corner of Dorset since I bought my first house, aged 19 years; but I will certainly post a photograph when I do.

For now here is an image from the first full garden I ever planted from scratch, except the apple tree at the end, which was the only thing in the garden, followed by my next blog with two of my cherubs learning to love the scent and feel of flowers….

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