The cyclamen

I read, as part of the research for my English literature degree, that Freud’s wife’s favourite flower was the cyclamen. At the time l thought this strange because in London and Dorset this flower is not very prevalent, and l had wondered how this woman fell in love with such an obscure flower, since in my experience a relationship with a flower caused me to love it; now that l have moved to South Gloucestershire and cycle, on average, a 100k around this area per week, l find that this plant is very prevalent here, and that it comes in many colours, seeming to spring up on grass verges and in country lanes all around this area.

Perhaps it is the particular climate which lends itself to this flower, anyway the prevalence is causing me to develop a new interest in it, and quiet admiration for its perky upright stems of bluish hue, and its mostly muted coloured petals.

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