Chilly Chilli

I thought I would take another pic of the chilli; It has continued growing right through the winter, under glass, and is almost as tall as the upturned vase. A very clever plant, which is growing in a spiral to make the most of its environment.

It is very chilly right now and I have no idea whether you can plant Chilli at this time of year. I will update you on the progress of my plant as we go; I dried out some chilli seeds and planted them in July. After about two weeks a couple of leaves started showing.

Here it is in a home-made glass house of its own; an upturned vase. I added some drops of Baby Bio that has been in a friend’s cupboard for years….

The Baby Bio seems to have helped, since the earth in my back garden does not seem to be the best for this plant as it was about an inch long for the whole of August. I might experiment by moving one, as there seem to be several of them growing now.IMG_20170919_182246.jpg

I have never grown chilli peppers before, so this is a real first. I was inspired by my son’s photographs of his window ledge full of red peppers, last year….


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