Walking around Stourhead today I was taking the opportunity to tell my beau why I needed a complete and unswerving focus on the positive aspects of the past 7 years difficult years with regard to work, after a long break from my career to raise a family and several false starts, following my very enjoyable and successful English literature degree, which only serves to act as an exclamation mark in the whole process, as if it is all the more reason for me to have succeeded in the workplace, when we stumbled upon a lovely heart-shaped fungi. I’m not sure whether it was edible, so I cannot call it a mushroom; but I was so impressed with it as it grew there like a reminder of what love is; not always all the compliments, kind remarks, affirmations, and positives, but sometimes the unpleasant truth. I took a photograph of it for you.

I think this plant is a reminder to me also that I may have failed so many times, and yet despite this, love is a constant in a world of uncertainty, as is the replenishing quality of nature.

Sometimes love has to tell the unpleasant truth, which may be surprising or challenging to hear; just like the possibility that this heart-shaped fungi is not edible at all; beautiful, metaphoric, perfect in every way and yet, possibly, if not properly understood and treated, potentially detrimental to your health.

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