I planted some gerbera in our front garden to mark our anniversary of 7 years this month. We had a few days of April-shower-like weather, which was perfect for helping them settle in. These flowers have only recently become ubiquitous in supermarkets and garden centres. Previously they were only available at the florist as cut flowers; I chose them for their strikingly long stems and startlingly bold colour to brighten our dining table.

A couple of decades ago I became as fond of the gerbera as I am of the marigold. The gerbera is also known as Asteraceae (daisy family). If you look up Asteraceae it means “plants with heads composed of many florets,” – and the sunflower and the marigold are included in this definition. I also discovered that some Asteraceae family are used in Nigerian traditional medicine:

I will let you know whether I am successful at growing this plant….

The marigolds need lots of water. I’ve found daisies quite easy to propagate. They don’t seem to mind not being watered once established. I’ll keep you up to date on how the gerbera fares next summer.


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