Cycling with the Strava app

Dear readers, I’ve not done a great deal of gardening the past few weeks; I’ve also been trying to keep my average weekly cycling at 100k, but it is down to 75k now.

The marigolds are still thriving, the gerberas have turned brown, and the michaelmas daisies have turned to seed; I’ve cut them back early this year, as I don’t want too many seeding themselves in the front garden and they are prolific. I usually wait until November when they turn Woody and snap them at the base. There is some fresh growth underneath, which usually continues to grow in the spring.

I bought a Pansy in my favourite florists in Bath, which is called Article; 3 Bartlett Street, BA1 1QZ; they always wrap the flowers and small gifts or give you a lovely paper bag; they even send you an email confirmation of the value of your purchase, which is something that I’ve read will be more ubiquitous in the future. I’ll update this post soon with a photograph of the pansy.


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