The dormant months

Hello dear readers..,
I probably haven’t posted much on here since November, as I usually take a break from gardening between then and March when much of our plants appear dormant. Of course there is a great deal going on underground, much the same as it is when someone appears not to be moving forward, and yet slowly they are growing with all the leaving alone and the tending to….
And now, with all that leaving alone, I have at last five photographs and lots to tell you.

Firstly, since I love lavender, I thought I would attempt to grow some from a plant which I bought a couple of years ago and which has now settled into the garden and is producing new growth every year. I pulled off a woody stem with some growth and dipped it in some rooting hormone powder I have been using for at least twenty years. I then watered occasionally throughout the winter months. There are three of these plants and I have just transferred them into the ground in the front garden, now that I can see some fresh light green growth on them. It’s a good time to plant as we are guaranteed plenty of April showers….I will photograph them again once they are established, probably in a couple of years.


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