Special Mother’s Day Blog – at home with coronavirus and the plants.

Lavender amongst tulips. Grown from cuttings.
Hello from me and coronavirus at home.

Happy Mother’s Day to children and mums and dads everywhere.

Please enjoy my blog about lavender, here, which I’ve produced as a series of podcasts.

If you like lavender, this is the perfect time of year to take cuttings; you’ll soon have plenty of plants to offer friends and family and all you need is a pot of rooting powder and some gloves.

Planted, just like a kiss
From a tiny shoot.
Final draft of how to take a cutting.

With just two minutes of your time and a minute for watering in in dry weather, you’ll soon have free lavender plants for friends and family every year. Also you’ll get extra time in the sun in March, which is the best month to take the cuttings.

Good things about lavender

Lavender doesn’t need much care, just a prune once or twice a year.

Lavender keeps weeds at bay because it grows densely, and proliferates naturally.

Lavender enjoys dry weather.

The best thing about lavender is that it hardly needs watering, just for a week or two while the roots grow and once it’s in the ground while it settles in.

After care: yearly prune

Once the plants are established, prune off the tops yearly when the plant is looking tired to encourage new growth and keep the plant looking fresh, and remove any dead wood.

Happy gardening!


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