Tiptoe through the tulips, part 3

Hello dear readers, bloggers and writers, and indeed artists, family of gardeners and friends,

Here is today’s blog. We have the usual serenading and courting birds come to liven up the proceedings.


I feel like a child again. The birds are so happy. It feels like 1976. Has anyone else noticed? I’d love to be walking in Ham, Richmond right now, underneath the cherry blossom. There are insects buzzing, birds singing and Greta Thunberg would be proud of the changes for the wildlife.

IF only we’d known that this would be a result of taking time out to think about the havoc we’ve wielded on our soul mate, nature, perhaps we would have come up with this earth-shattering idea ourselves.

In no respect do I wish to diminish the loss of life we are all facing, particularly in New York, currently; this is truly devastating and appears to be disproportionately affecting the poor and less well represented members of society.

Having been told last year by my GP that I was at high risk of diabetes, I too have been fearful about my health, even though I immediately took steps to dramatically reduce my sugar intake at the time. Those of you who have checked out my other site will know this from my diabetes avoidance blog, which shows the psychological journey I have taken.

I’ve exercised, gardened and written all my life, so this was not something I needed to alter, in respect of the diabetes problem. However, my economic situation does need to improve so that I can eat well and that is part of the reason why I have increase my blogging hours, but also to leave something creative behind for my five children all who know the importance and power of creatively.

I hope to be able to attach a “Buy me a coffee’ link here soon, as that looks like a great site for any aspiring writer to add revenue.

In the meantime, enjoy my gardening experience, gratis.

With love,


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