Waterlogged? – Underneath the Birch

Should you have a waterlogged garden, try planting lavender. You can easily take some cuttings from a neighborhood plant. Take a look at my blog on lavender from a couple of weeks ago.

Grown from cuttings using rooting powder. Plant out once roots show just before spring rain.

Lavender does like dry weather, so this is a counter intuitive action. Still it does dry up the ground underfoot and, as I found out to my chagrin, it proliferates so much that it prevents bulbs from growing. In only 2 years I have a foot high plant.

Another thing you can try is to plant a couple of dozen tulips. These love water. They are very succulent plants.

Most of all, enjoy the process of working with your changing garden.

It’s dry here in south Glos’, but it’s been very dry here in the past few weeks and I’ve had to water the garden every day.

All my love,


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