A walk around my Garden

Hello bloggers, writers, artists, readers and confined peoples still stuck in “Lockdown.”

Today I’m getting my exercise in my garden, mowing the lawn and walking around saying “hello” to the birds and plants.

I like to use a handmower. It’s perfect for medium-sized and small gardens.

We’re able to walk every day from this week, but I’d like to save a few more lives, so I’m taking my walk in the garden today, since I work from home as an editor for an American journal and I’d like to visit my mother in July, maybe. I’m able to cycle 20-30 k a day as I live in the countryside. I’m so lucky to have moved out of my cottage in early 2017 to South Glos’ because we have a garden, and “Lockdown” has meant I can concentrate on it more fully and start work on my vlog too. I hope you enjoy this.

Thank you for reading.

Something else I have been working on this year, is reading poetry and prose for writers and poets who submit to the journal which I volunteer for.

You can find our poetry and prose channel here:


The mint from my garden makes a lovely cup of tea in the morning.

Mint makes a lovely cup of tea:

Enjoy the walk with me:

Please let me know if you have any problems with watching the video, as I rely on the adverts which WordPress generates to maintain this site, currently, which means sometimes there are restrictions. I welcome feedback.

Plant a flower, nurture it and enjoy the fruits of your labour…

Thanks for visiting, with love,


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