Cottage garden

It is hard to believe that this garden cost just £5 to create from seeds and cuttings and took just three years to grow.

Lupins from seeds, daisies taken from a mature plant.
Michaelmas take from a mature plant, will flower in September, October
Lavender, grown from a one inch cutting two years ago
Sage, taken from 6 inch plant in the shade has proliferated in an open and sunny position, with partial shade.
Foxglove, £1.00, garden sale, 4 inch plant
This plant which is red, but looks pink, was in a garden sale, £1.00 for one single flower, and I wasn’t familiar with it, bit I did notice how prolific it was in the local area, so I thought it might be one to proliferate. I separated it every year and watered in. Enjoys dry soil. One day I’ll remind myself of the name.

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