Hollyhocks, 2020

The hollyhocks in various stages of growth.


This year’s bounty, grown from seeds.

Hello, dear readers, bloggers, gardeners and writers,

Today I thought I would show you this year’s hollyhocks. As you know, last year I collected the seeds and planted around forty or fifty seeds in pots and moved these over to beds, in the spring, where they have thrived.

I now have several plants of different ages. The eldest is three years old, a pink, and then there are the ones in the back, which have now grow up to a reasonable height, as well as the two-year-old which has come up again this year. This is a perenial plant as long as you don’t move it once it is settled. You can move the smaller plants while they are a few inches high and they tend to recover, as long as you move them at dawn or dusk on a fairly cloudy day, which offers some shade while they settle in.

2-3 feet high hollyhock in May

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