Campanula? watering, and the prolific Brodiaea?

“Looks like a Campanula”

Anne Mackay.

Anne Mackay Inspired by Nature WordPress, 2020.

The closest match I’ve found for this is Campanula porscharskyana. I found this in Sarah Raven’s catalogue in 2021, after a blogger suggested the genus Campanula. Of course there are many different plants with that genus, and some look very different. Further research in 2021 tells me there are around 500 species, and that Campanula is Latin for ” little bells”. The species Campanula persicifolia does look more like a bell shape, unlike my plant. No wonder plants have several names, it helps us differentiate between their local names and helps us narrow them down to a specific variety.


  1. Looks like a campanula to me! I have lots of it in my garden and it’s brilliant for ground cover in awkward spaces. (There are lots of different types of campanula, including tall spires with large ‘bells’ and most are blue but there’s white and pink too.) A great garden plant! 🙂

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