Tutorial WordPress

Thank you for your kind comments on my site layout. There have been lots of these. I know I’ve been protected from thousands of spam by Akismet. I thought I’d read a few of the spammed comments and discovered that they were complimentary, and asking questions about my layout, so I’ve allowed a few past the “safety net” so to speak.

Currently, I’m using Altofocus theme, and Block editor. This doesn’t work well on my other site, as it is wordy. The theme I have chosen suits the small bite-size content of my site.

Go to “customize” to change your theme.

Experiment for a while.

Ask for feedback from other readers.

Don’t expect to achieve instant results and success with your blog. I’ve been with WordPress since 2012, and started my second blog, this one, in 2016.

Like gardens, blogs take work.

Select a regular time to vlog and stick to it as much as possible then it will become a habit.

Read self-help books and watch the blogs as they will give you valuable clues.

Be prepared for failure. If you perceive it, get up, correct and move forward.

Remember that WordPress is not perfect, and auto-correct is more often unhelpful.

Be altruistic and return kindnesses and comments.

Be honest.

Most of all, enjoy the process.

Many thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment.

With love, Hermione

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