Mila’s Sunflowers

A relative of junior school age has planted and nurtured some sunflower seeds during “Lockdown.”

The plant has some new shoots at the top, which is a good sign and means they’ve been watered regularly.

Can you spot where Mila could improve her gardening skills?

The leaves are damaged. This is usually caused by watering in direct sunlight.

Tip 1.

If you have forgotten to water a potted plant, move it into the shade and water while in shade. Make sure the plant stays in the shade until the following day, as it may wilt in the heat.

Tip 2.

Make a small piercing in the base of your makeshift pot, to allow drainage. Overly wet roots cause die back.

Hope you are enjoying the last few days of full “Lockdown” in the UK. Hello to friends in India and the USA, and please enjoy the quieter rewards of “Lockdown.”

Mila’s Sunflowers

In Greater London (Ham, Richmond), in 1976 (which used to be called Surrey, but they moved the border), it was so hot that my father planted a whole garden full of Sunflower seeds. They grew to 6 foot because he watered them every evening and because of the endless sunshine. Now I have a lovely life-long memory of that year. I was ten years old.

Mila’s plants are now in bigger pots, so the roots have more room to grow. They could be planted in the border in a sunny position now. It’s best to do this in the evening and water in well to allow the plant to settle in.

Tip 3

Press the soil down well, around the plants, after moving.

I’m sure, with tender, loving care, they will recover
More on these in July

With love,



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