Competition – grow a plant or two in a large pot.

In 2018 I grew four or five lupins from seed. You can find the photograph in the archives, under lupin. This year I’ve added some pinks with seeds taken from the 4-year old potted plant, pictured below.

Moon daisies and lupins, underneath the birch

Last year they didn’t do as well, so I planted some other plants around them in the bed, roses and marigolds, and spring bulbs. This year I haven’t watered them as much as the other plants, as I was experimenting.

Lupins in amongst lavender in evening light

My partner has also grown a lupin from seed. This is it’s 4 th year. It’s a lovely deep pink shade, pictured below.

Why not experiment and have a friendly competition, with your family to see who can grow the best lupin?

A friendly competition

They say failure is the road to success…

My 5 year old Lupin has been moved from pot to bed to pot again
This on was planted a couple of months ago. You can plant the se
Grown from seed 4 year old; perennial flowering plant, which will give you many seeds for years to come. You will need to set a copper wire trap for snails or use pest control.

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