Saplings Part Two

Dear readers, bloggers, gardeners and artists and writers, at last it’s raining.

Saplings in the summer. To prune or eradicate?

Fresh leaves

The leaves have begun to grow back after I replanted this tree in the middle of a very hot spell.

I watered every day, as we had a spell akin to summer for 3 months, bar a couple of cold days.
Once this sapling flourishes, we will have welcome shade and privacy from the gap in the garden fence.

The addition of the saplings to this corner of the garden has bought a regular visitor; a robin. There used to be a pair. I suspect the female is nesting close by. I haven’t been quick enough to get a photograph, but the smaller sapling which didn’t need the heavy pruning is just the right width for the birds to fly to before they dig up the worms. I expect they’ve enjoyed the regular softening of the earth.

There is a small pot under the tree where the robin takes a drink each day.

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