Parched. This is NOT normal, Birds and Daisies need water; happy ending.

The lupins are going to seed. You can harvest in a few weeks and plant straight away or wait until the autumn

This year I’ve watered the garden every day for three months, as we’ve barely had a drop of rain in South Glos’.

Moon daisies

It has been so hot here for the past three months that the grass is dying and so are the daisies outside the tennis courts.

This year, I’ve watered the daisies every day, and this has paid off.

I can see some bind weed has crept in. It’s a never ending battle keeping those off the daisies.

The birds appreciate the water too, and the many small baths I’ve placed around the garden for them to drink water from and bathe in.

Lupin leaf

We’ve been asked to hold a voluntary hose ban here, and I’ve been watering my front garden with a watering can for 3 months. However, this takes an hour, and it doesn’t help the birds, so I’ve held off on this self-imposed ban in the back garden to help the local birds who fly straight down as soon as I water to forage for insects.

Moon daisies

After preparing this blog, I noticed strange behaviour from the blackbird, so I filmed it twice. My daughter told me last week that in another county not far from here she has witnessed the same behaviour.

I am such an idiot. I had the birdbath in the perfect spot and moved it because we had to cut a Scotts Pine back a month ago.

Blackbird lying down in June 2020

The blackbird has commented on the new position of his bath a few times. I’ve wondered what he’s saying. Finally I realised. The water is too hot. There is no shade for the birdbath. I’ve reinstated it. Now it has shade until 1 pm. Perfect.

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