Daisies part 3.

The daisies are out. I think this variety is Marguerite. Always keep your seed packets, and signage, as it’s so easy to forget the names of flowers when you are juggling lots of new varieties.

I inherited these, so I’m not familiar with them. Leucanthemum Snowcap, is the name. After quite a lot of research, I found them. They love water, and do not tolerate competition for it, or drout, unlike the lovely, but less perky, perhaps, Moon daisy.

You can cut your daisies right back to a few inches growth and they will continue to put on new growth and flower, just like those in the pot, which I cut back 4 weeks ago.

I’m taking these to a house in London. They’ll proliferate and hopefully form a small daisy meadow in a couple of years.

Another variety. English daisy, as far as I know.


Daisy petals are said to be edible and to contain vitamin c.

My friend Ann Mackay Inspired this post:



  1. Remembering flower variety names is a problem – I have to try to remember to write them down in a notebook. (So i hope i don’t lose that notebook!) 🙂

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