I’ve been planting…. lupins (2017 diary) #gardeningdiary – I found this old post in my archive, sadly the photograph is lost. I took a photograph early this year of the Lupins for you instead.

Dear readers, in the words of another writer in another world; I’ve taken up cycling in a big way over the past year, and this has enabled me to look over many garden walls as well as improve my fitness, as lately I’m sitting for work in classrooms.

Lately, I have come across a large variety of poppies in the gardens locally, pinks, oranges, deep reds. I’ve always loved poppies for their rich colours and strange overhanging expression before the buds open.

Out for a hilly ride in Somerset. Stopped for tea at Dundas Aqueduct.

I’ve been out gardening over the past two months and have been hard at work in a new job which does not involve any gardening with flowers, although of the metaphorical type there is plenty of nurturing, which is what you do with flowers, and young people.

The marigolds are thriving due to the copious amounts of water I have given them and the dry weather, which they love. The lupines in the front garden have been hit by a small fly which appears to have sucked the juice out from the stems and, as a consequence of this, they have not gone to seed; fortuitously, there are some in pots in the back; always a good trick to keep some plants in pots in case you return from holiday to find a plant has been decimated. I’ve no idea whether the ones in the front will recover; usually they die back and then replenish the following year; we shall see….

What else? I took a photograph of the lupins in all their glory, before the decimation, and will present this here for you once I am able. My phone is full of data and l need to invest in more memory. Instead I’ve included the 2020 photograph.

Lavender cutting (2017)
The same plant in 2020
Lupin: these take about two years to fully establish
The Lupins did recover the following year, and in 2020

The fly thing might have nothing to do with the demise of the lupines, as I just did a little research and it is being linked to water/rain at a web page l found, so perhaps the watering has caused this problem….when I’ve time l will get educated and report back at a later date, or (if you know the answer), you may start a conversation by replying to this blog.

I have bought some lovely foxgloves from the local gardening shop here in Thornbury, and they are doing well. I planted them in a shady spot and watered in daily, of course. More on the foxgloves under “foxgloves.”

It is possible to plant out in this heat, as long as you do this in the evening and water daily, morning and evening for at least a week.

I’ve also found a hollyhock, at last, and will keep you posted on its progress.

The lavender, which I have grown from a cutting, is still thriving. I took the opportunity to attempt to grow four more plants when there was a day of rain in May and it looks like the plants have taken; the real test will come when I plant them all out. I think rain is on the way, so this may be quite soon. I am looking forward to nurturing the lavender.

Bye for now. I’m writing this in a rush, as it is 5.15 am, and I’m off to work soon….

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