“A Stitch in Time” ?

Call me old fashioned, only when I was young sayings were forever on the tip of my grandmother’s tongue, and my mother’s too.

How much money do you spend on your lawn?

There is this tool, only, if you’ve never heard of it, how will you search for it online, and many online sites advertise by specific search terms and don’t group tools together, so perhaps using the word tools, or gardening tools, is the answer.

Recently, I walked across a lawn that had been treated with a chemical. I have no idea what chemical, all I know is it was designed to kill, and it smelt grotesque. It was there to kill weeds.

As I’ve said before, weeds are just plants or flowers you don’t want in your garden. I know that the creators of these poisons will be rallying to defend them, but you really don’t need to use them. Take a look at my lawn. Sometimes I leave it a whole month without lifting out the dandelions and daisies. Yes they do return, but so do the weeds on lawns treated with chemicals.

Here’s a stretch of my lawn I weeded one month ago. It took 15 minutes to lift the weeds out before they went to seed.
Here’s another stretch of lawn I never use chemicals on.

And here is the simple tool I used:

It really is this simple:

How to remove weeds by hand.
Now for a mint tea fresh from our herb garden

After five different attempts, “Ladies gardening tools” bought up some good sets of small hand tools for the garden.

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