Lemon trees, update – dry weather bonus

As some of you know, I have been attempting to grow lemon trees for years, ever since my father grew a couple of lemon and orange trees on the window ledge one hot summer. But they died after a few months. It was colder then. We had such cold winters as early as November. I remember my feet being frozen on Bonfire night.

Last year, I finally succeeded in growing three lemon trees.

As you know, they were eaten by a pest and were down to the stalks. Amazingly two of them regenerated after I stopped watering and transferred them to a new pot given to me for Christmas by Sarah.

I have watered them a couple of times a month and they are doing well in this lovely warm weather. We have had temperatures of over 20° indoors for over a week now, apart from one day when they went down to 17° overnight and then returned to 23° by midday, indoors.

As you , and the smell on my fingers is like a fruit licqour, which I tried in Spain years ago as a teenager.

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