Mexican Orange – Choisya tenata

This biannual flowering shrub has become a favourite shrub of mine. I inherited it, as it was well established when I moved here just over three years ago. I’ve been keeping an eye on it and have noticed it puts on around two to three feet a year.

Late August

Lovely scent.

It smells gorgeous; woody and herbal.


The flowers are white and you get them in spring and late summer.


You can prune back after flowering in spring, but you’ll lose a quantity of your summer blooms.

This year we did minimal pruning and you can see the blooms are intact and ready to flower. This one is in partial shade:


Mexican orange needs regular pruning to keep it from outgrowing the border; this shrub tends to stay soft and pliable so it would be great in a small space, as long as pruned regularly. Does have woody areas when established.

Makes a nice addition to your cut flowers.

Butterflies love this shrub.

I went for a walk in the rain after leaving this in my drafts box and what did I find but three in Thornbury Garden Centre.

A local example of the height and depth the Mexican Orange can reach in a few years. Great for creating a barrier against saplings if you are plagued with them seeding themselves.
And another, slightly out of focus. It’s pouring and my glasses are steamed up.

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