Clipping hedges, nature’s way, and Bond girls

Hello, bloggers, writers gardeners and artists.

I’ve been gardening in the Rain, as these past three weeks it has been incessant here. My cuttings are thriving so I shan’t complain.

Nature has a way of using the wind to do its work. The wind sends spores from trees to communicate with other trees to tell them that they are under attack from pests, for example, and I often wonder what else the tree will communicate which we are unaware of. There was an inspirational programme about trees which that Bond girl did. Oh, what is her name? She names trees after friends. What a lovely idea. Then you can visit them in your garden. I love it. (Judy Dench.)

I happen to love the rain; fortunately. I have a good hat too. Which gets me thinking about nature.

My other life’s work is writing, as I was telling Sue today. Thinking about this reminds me that, although I may sometimes believe that I’m pulled more to gardening than writing, perhaps the two things (let’s call them professions, although I’m only collecting pieces of paper for my writing, in the way of degrees, etc.,), are connected, since their source is often trees.

Trees drew me to gardening (I’ve always enjoyed their leaves to crunch through in autumn), and without paper, I wouldn’t have written my first book for children, at the age of just 18. It was called Derbold the Wasp. I’ve always empathised with outsiders like wasps, being creative and living through half a century where creativity was derided as not worth doing to make a living. Still that is another story, and now things have changed, to quote Dylan, since you can’t copyright that sentence.

Today I’ve pulled up more than 200 saplings. Now why does Ash always seed itself in the most odd places, drains, guttering, etc? You would think it knew something we don’t.

Sue would have a forest on her hands if it wasn’t for my visits; the adjacent Ash is keeping me busy.

Today, I was very happy to catch two slugs enjoying some quiet time as I was seeking out saplings underneath the shrubs.

In my own garden, I haven’t seen one slug, only snails.

3 of 250 ash saplings, and counting. Today I’ve put down some mulch to keep them at bay.

Bye bye for now.

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