Why Light can be Everything

Sometimes there is a quick fix solution to a troubled plant.

With lavender and geranium, and even roses, still producing new shoots and buds, it’s time to give these plants some tender loving care.

Try moving potted plants.

I’ve said this before, although restating is a kind way of reminding, isn’t it?

Moving a potted plant to a different position in the garden can really revive it and give it a new lease of life.

Three things to consider when a potted plant is ailing.

  • Has it got enough light? Perhaps the sun is lower now than it was in the spring, or an adjacent plant has grown up, and is overshadowing it.
  • Is it wind damaged? If so remove broken stems and browned mottled leaves; don’t be afraid to cut to within a quarter of an inch of the main stem with lateral branches, as this will encourage new growth. Leave some leaves for photosynthesis.
  • Has your plant outgrown it’s pot? Try repotting.


I trimmed this lavender and the roses two weeks ago, and look at the fresh new growth.

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