November’s Weeds, and hollyhock seeds

In November you can cut back the Michelmas daisies, and other varieties before they go to seed, and generally weed the garden. You may be surprised to find that blackberry has seeded itself in amongst the flowers. Take it up now before the roots take hold. It will be more difficult in the spring.

After weeding
Afterwards. This patio was overgrown with weeds. Saplings and blackberries
had seeded themselves in the cracks.

Now is a good time to plant the hollyhock you grew from seed in the spring, or last autumn. This should be several inches high now with roots several inches deep.

Hollyhocks and lavender grown from seed and cuttings in the autumn of last year, and spring of this year. These can be planted out in November.
Hollyhock seedlings planted in October, and watered weekly. These will grow to around 12 inches in the first year, and put on roots and leaves, they die back in winter and then grow to at least five feet and will flower the following year.
This lavender was grown from a tiny cutting. Remember to leave room. Move any tulip bulbs as they get chocked by the lavender.


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