Reinvigorating my love of gardening

I thought I’d take a small trip down memory lane, and revisit some of my stalwart favourites from a year in gardening, since I don’t have much colour in the garden at the moment.

Rose Campion: grows in most conditions, but likes some sunshine. If you dead head you’ll get flowers in spring and summer.
I grew a lot of Rose Campion in my front garden last summer.
Lupin. Snails love to eat these, and they’re easier to grow in pots (as you can spot the snails)
from seed. They take two to three years to establish.
Marigolds will flower twice a year when grown from seed, and replanted. They need a sunny spot to thrive, and buckets of water.
Passiflora (passion flowers). Fast growing. Gives good cover in three to four years.
Moon Daisies

It has been a great year of gardening, and now a New Year begins.

Tulips amongst Viola

Thank you for following and all the likes and comments.

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