If you haven’t planted your sweet peas yet, do it now

You can plant sweet peas in winter, or spring.

Today, I’m tidying a shady spot in my own garden, and planting sweet peas.
A shady spot in progress.
I’ve had to move the Jasmine. I love the smell of this in the summer at the front of the house.

At this time of year, the garden is full of bulbs if you’ve planted them. The daffodils are in bloom and the tulips are peeping through  the soil. Time to tidy, weed and seed.

Tulips and some young hollyhocks I’m nurturing. I’ve moved the Jasmine back to a pot, as it didn’t take in the spot I moved it to last summer. It’s been very dry and I’ve noticed that French Lavender has been dying back everywhere here in the South West. I’ve rescued some sage and potted some cuttings. Sage hasn’t thrived in this erratic weather, either.

The tulips we planted in the autumn are just peeping through. I added some sweet peas to this pot this morning.

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