Water those tulips

Hello dear followers. If you have the dry weather we’ve been getting you’ll need to keep refreshing the tulips. A heavy downpour isn’t what they need. They need some regular light watering which I’ve been giving them since the autumn when I planted them:

January 2021
March 2021
Late March. I’ve kept these in a sheltered spot and moved them into the sunshine on warm days. They are free from pests with some good drainage at the bottom of the pots in the form of small pebbles. I’ve been growing them alongside some hollyhocks in a mixture of compost and topsoil from my garden.

Here’s a short film of me doing just that. Enjoy:

“Tiptoe through the tulips”
If you have time, it’s worth making a sketch of each area in the garden and which bulbs you planted. I think these are the Black Parrot tulips I picked up from Sainsburys on an impulse buy last year. I’ve also got some tulipa Negrita, but I think they’re in the pots, as I left the card with them. We’ll see when they flower. I planted some Venetian tulips in September, which I ordered from Sarah Raven, so we’ll see which ones are the most successful.

Some reliable old favourites are the standard single tulips that have flowered for three years in the bed underneath the birch. They’re from my local garden centre. I bought them in flower to plant ready for the following year; a good way to save money. They’re very reliable. They’re a lovely pink and I’m looking forward to photographing them for my next blog. They’re very green at the moment. See below.
Standard tulips in amongst the lupins and daisies.

Bye bye for now.

May flowering tulips just emerging, in amongst the hyacinths

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