Underneath the Birch; the sage is thriving again

Hello, dear followers, bloggers, bloggers, artists and gardeners, and family…. I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the cold but sunny weather.

In South Gloucestershire it was sunny for almost the whole month of April, although, mostly, cold, especially in the mornings. My Marigold (Calendula), the edible variety, has loved the sunshine. They drink water. I’ve watered it every day since January and it is now rewarding me, as children do when you persist with them. Here it is:


I’m taking a couple of days off from my gardening business to read through my WIP, The Motherboard, catch up with friends and family, and work on my own garden, which needed weeding again yesterday.

I’m happy to report that the sage had now fully recovered from last year’s weather, and my heavy watering with the hose. This year, I’ve used a watering can every day since January, as it had been very dry, and the garden here at home has really begun to blossom.

My forget me nots (a present from my dear mummy as seeds), are not happy here. They prefer a little less shade than they’re getting here. I’ve noticed this from discovering them in other gardens. So I’ll need to rethink this patch next year.

As you know, I’m not one for planting up a whole garden in one go because you need time to appreciate the climate in each part of the garden, and, of course, the climate will alter if you prune a tree back heavily or remove an encroaching shrub.

The sage has fully recovered. I cut it right back in August and took some cuttings for Pete’s garden, which did very well once I’d nurtured the cuttings here at home for a few months until roots were established. I’ll update Pete’s Garden at the end of the month.

I’ve added some mint, which likes shelter and shade, and new varieties of Tulipa.

Sarah Raven’s tulips have finally emerged. I’ve potted some, and I’m testing the others in a sheltered spot. They were May flowering ones, and it’s May already. How time flies when you don’t see your friends or family. I’ve watered them daily along with the marigolds:

Underneath the Birch

It’s a little cold, for May, and hazy this morning in the bright sunshine

I’ll take some more photographs when I return home. I need some rooting powder for the new lavender cuttings I’m taking. By the way, the lavender has revived nicely after I pruned it right back last summer. Here it is:

Who would believe that I grew this from a cutting two inches high?

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