Prune your cherry tree now

I pruned this in the first week of March. It’s a good time to prune your cherry tree just before buds form. Removing around 12 inches will stop the branches from rubbing on the ground and avoid introducing fungus. Do this on a dry day to avoid rot setting in and give the tree time to heal.

This weeping cherry is a little tangled and will benefit from some pruning to remove tangled branches and dead wood.
Before; these branches are almost trailing on the ground.
Afterwards; branches are now at least twelve inches from the ground. With established trees you can prune every two years.

Most branches which are growing upwards should be left as they will usually begin to slope back downwards in time on a weeping variety. Wait and watch for this to happen to avoid damaging the lovely weeping effect of the tree by cutting back harshly. A good light prune every two years should be enough to keep your tree looking good.

Aim to trim as many lead branches as you can, and avoid cutting the lateral branches unless they overlap.

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