indoor plants

I’ve never had huge success with indoor plants. I’ve decided that maybe that is because I am a nomad and would rather be out somewhere than at home. For example, when my partner is working from home, I can usually be found typing my WIP in the local coffee shop.

Still I have learnt something about indoor plants over the years. My grandmother always kept spider plants. She used to tell us they cleaned the air. We thought they had some special, magic powers when she said that and as a teenager I always wanted a plant in every room. I got quite good at looking after spider plants and noticed they like the claustrophobic setting in loos and bathrooms. It is shady in there but there is also less direct light and some plants thrive on a specific amount of light and warmth such as the lemon tree. So perhaps there is something in that observation.

This year, I have moved my spider plant into a shady and sheltered spot in the front garden as I noticed they thrive outdoors in Greece.

Tip: for a dry and dead looking spider plant, simply cut all the leaves off but one or two, cut back on the water supply, and you’ll find it regrows.

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