Tina’s Garden

A quick update on Tina’s garden.

I have planted a mix of grasses in this bed. Some are evergreen, others return year on year. The euphorbia is oblongata and charasias. The euphorbia characias grow to quite a height. This produces sap when cut. Be careful as the sap can cause skin and eye irritation. (Best left alone.) This patch needs little maintenance.

In the foreground is Rudbekia and stachys, a mid-summer flowering plant with velvety leaves.

Rudbekia is tough, but invasive. Will wilt in the heat, but usually revives after heavy rain. I have planted this in partial shade.

The hollyhock (Alcea), is a lovely deep red and a late flowerer, into the autumn. Trim this in November, to the base. It will return the following year. Remove brown, or half-eaten leaves.

Colour into autumn

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