Review – By Ruth Kelham

Thank you so much for restoring my large, terraced and difficult garden, I have really started loving it again!

you have worked like a trojan, over the last few months, to bring it back to life from the choked and tangled garden that it was. More than that you have nurtured the beautiful plants there, for instances the lilies, lavender and herbs, as only a true gardener can.

Thank you so also for helping me think about and start further planting in ways that I would never have considered myself.

You are not allowed to leave!

Ruth Kelham.

Photographs of Ruth’s garden:

This is a large garden on several levels with several beds. First this required a clean up.

Earth had covered over this gulley. Now it is resored and useful for drainage purposes.
A restful view of a beautiful dry stone wall.
Project Name
Now all we need are some plants….
Out of sight is not out of mind….
Nearly there…
Three steps to heaven…
No need for harmful pesticides if you weed after heavy rain….
This small patio was covered in weeds. I spent five hours on the steps and small patio, using small hand tools, and restored it to its former glory.