Pete’s Garden Update 2021

Pete’s garden is coming along nicely. As he is on a hill with lots of sunshine, I’ve chosen Salvia: sage officionalis, and Salvia “Blue Butterflies”. The sage are plants I’ve grown from cuttings. We ordered the “Blue Butterflies” from Sarah Raven, but they sent “Love & Wishes” instead. We decided to grow some of their “Blue Monday” seeds for next year. These are in pots, currently. We were a little disappointed as the colour of the “Love & Wishes” is more mauve than blue. They kindly offered to refund us and we can keep this variety.

Here are some photos of Pete’s garden as it was in early July 2021, and the healthy Salvia plants all planted up in some peat-free mulch to help with water retention.

Salvia is a lovely scented and delicate plant which grows to around 24 inches in height and breadth, sometimes more, depending on the environment. It usually needs some protection in the winter months
Hollyhocks and poppies can grow to 5 feet in height, or more
Papaver (Poppies), and Hollyhocks

The roses are from Dobies, and arrived in poor condition with broken branches and were poorly pruned with jagged edges. Dobies weren’t interested in compensating my client and I had to prune them back heavily last year. They revived beautifully. They are award winning roses, so we’ll keep you posted on their performance.

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