Pete’s garden July 2021

Almost one year on and I am returning to Pete’s garden here on my gardening blog. As you will remember we planted this garden last autumn and added the hollyhocks and sage in the spring. The edges are flanked by Rudbeckia which I will photograph again in August.

Pete will be installing some oak sleepers in a couple of months and this will add some shape and create sharply delineated borders which will really set off the plants I have chosen for Pete.

Next year this lavender which I have grown from a cutting of just 3 inches in length will be at least 24 inches square; more if the environment suits it.

This is a lovely, dry, sunny garden on a hill in Bath and it gets the sun all day so I have chosen plants which thrive in dry weather, such as papaver (grown from seed), roses, purchased online, lavender (grown from my own cuttings), sage officinalis (grown from my own cuttings), and hollyhocks (also grown from seeds which I harvest in my own garden in Thornbury) If you like these hollyhocks I can post some seeds to you in the autumn and you can plant them straight away ready for some growth in the spring and flowers next summer or the following summer. Email me at


  1. Thank you so much for restoring my long bedded garden, to how I want it to look !
    You have worked your magic over the last few months this year, to bring it back to life by planting many more plants & flowers ! Also keeping my boxus bushes in shape with trimming /pruning. More than that you have nurtured the beautiful plants & flowers you have planted, for instance, the tiny lilies, lavender, sage, rose plants, tulip bulbs, hollyhocks, Rudbeckia & Papaver poppies, to name a few ! Your gardening skills are 2nd to none, Hermione

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