Butterflies are Still Out

October, and time to tidy up, weed, and cut back the rudbeckia, and any other stragglers such as the Michaelmas which flowered early this year. But wait, what is that on the wall?

Have you noticed the butterflies in the south west? Aren’t they remarkable?

We planted lots of Verbena bonariensis, this year. Butterflies love them. They cheer me up in the autumn when most flowers are dormant, or spent and need dead heading. These purple flowers go on and on.

Verbena bonariensis, and butterfly. Photograph by the author
Wings open. Red Admiral sunning itself on the wall. Photograph by the author
Verbena bonariensis and ornamental grass. Photograph by the author
Red Admiral on the wall. By the author.

Verbena bonariensis will also grow in pots. Add them to your shopping list and get them in the ground next spring. They will self seed.

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