April’s Cheer

Hello, dear followers. What a March it has been. We have had such cold weather. and so much rain here in the south west that I started to laugh one day when it had rained solidly for around a week and then, yes, you guessed it, another whole day of rain.

However, all that rain is good for the plants and will help our newly planted trees. So many saplings everywhere now that it fills my heart with joy. Enough about trees, this is a quick update on the anemones we planted last year. They are amazing this year, so they must appreciate the weather even if I don’t.

I don’t like to prune in the cold, or rain. It isn’t good for the plants, as rot can get into the plants.

Anenome come in all the colors if the rainbow. Anenome Blanda is the blue flower with lots of foliage. This one is more flower than foliage.


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