Flies need weeds; Flies part two.

Hello dear bloggers, gardeners, writers and artists, today I’m cutting back the bushes to give the daisies more light.

My dad used to laugh at me because I usually had a weed in the garden that I was looking after; usually a thistle. This year, I’ve learnt there is some wisdom to be gained from this, since the flies love this weed which I’ve clipped back now that it’s gone to seed and when the seeds fall on the table, I’ll collect them and see whether I can plant them in the front garden where we have some long grass, as they seem to have seeded themselves in long grass.

Weeds; friend or foe?

I’ve no idea what they are so please drop me a line, if you recognise them.

Two flies I shook off the weeds:

And thanks for visiting.

All my love,


I waited until the spring flowers had gone to seed before I removed them, and I did the same with the weeds, as the flies love them. And, as I’ve mentioned before, weeds are just flowers you don’t want in the garden.


Use some of your passiflora stems to tie your flower (or weed), displays

I’ve watered the passiflora well this year, and it is thriving.

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